Thursday, January 20, 2011


This film tells the story of two guys who fall in love but are very diferent.
Landon is a popular boy who has a popular frieds, which laugh at the kids of school ( incluida ) Jamie, she is a very studious an she loves theater and is very religious. Landon's friends laugh of her clothes.
Landon and his friends have many problems and to include a boy in the popular grup have an accident and Landon feels bad for the guy because he is in the hospital.
For the problem Landon is ( castigado) by the school director and he has clean the school and participate in spring ( obra ). In the theater he need help with the dialoques and Jamie help him.
At the firts Landon had afraid of that his friends see him with Jamie but after all it does not matter.
All happiness end when the father of Jamie the force to tell Landon his biggest secret.

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